Matchbox gateway

The MatchX Matchbox is an OpenWRT / Lede base LoRa® gateway, which by default sends its data to the MatchX hosted network-server (which is based on the ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server Stack). By default it connects to the MatchX backend over a VPN connection.

To connect the gateway to your own environment:

  • Power on the gateway and follow the MatchX provided manual to setup the wifi connection (in case needed).

  • Create a MatchX account and register the gateway.

  • On the page with the gateway details is a button Global LoRa Config: [Edit Config]. click on this button and scroll down to the bottom where you find the server_address setting. Change this to the IP or hostname on which your ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance is listening for UDP packets.

Note: Running the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge on the gateway itself will probably not work without re-compiling the kernel with FPU emulation. This has not been tested. In order to get root access, you need to contact the MatchX support for getting the password.