Raspberry Pi


Please use one of the download options below to download the latest (v4.4.0) ChirpStack Gateway OS image.

Raspberry PiImage typeSD card factory imageSysupgrade image
Raspberry Pi Zero WBaseDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi Zero WFullDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi B / B+BaseDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi B / B+FullDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 2BBaseDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 2BFullDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+BaseDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+FullDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 4BBaseDownloadDownload
Raspberry Pi 4BFullDownloadDownload


Flash SD card

Download either the Base or Full SD card image for your your Raspberry Pi version. Then use one of the available tools to write this image to a SD card.

Using Balena Etcher

  • Download the SD card image for your Raspberry Pi.
  • Click the Flash from file option in the Balena Etcher interface.
  • Flash the SD card.

Using Win32DiskImager

  • Download the SD card image for your Raspberry Pi (ending with .wic.gz).
  • Extract the .img.gz image using for example 7-Zip.
  • Within the Win32DiskImager interface, select the extracted .img file.
  • Flash the SD card.

First usage

Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi. After connecting the Raspberry Pi to a power source, follow the Getting started documentation to setup your Raspberry Pi based gateway.