Software updates

ChirpStack Gateway OS uses SWUpdate for handling updates. SWUpdate is open-source and can be used either as a CLI utility on the gateway or it can be integrated with Eclipse hawkBit.

Partition layout

ChirpStack Gateway OS uses 4 partitions:

  • Boot partition
  • RootFS partition A
  • RootFS partition B
  • Data partition (used for OverlayFS)

One RootFS partition is used for booting, the other for the next update. The bootloader will automatically revert to the last functioning RootFS partition on a failed update.

CLI update

After downloading the update file (.swu) on the gateway, execute the software-update utility:

sudo software-update path/to/update.swu

Please refer to the install section to find the correct .swu artifact for your gateway.

After software-update has completed, reboot the gateway.