If configured, the ThingsBoard integration will send device attributes and telemetry to the configured ThingsBoard instance.


Before this integration is able to write data to ThingsBoard, the uplink payloads must be decoded. The payload codec can be configured per Device Profile. To validate that the uplink payloads are decoded, you can use the live device event-log feature. Decoded payload data will be available under the object key in the JSON object.

ThingsBoard will generate a Access Token per device. This token must be configured as a device variable in ChirpStack. The variable must be named ThingsBoardAccessToken.


For each event, ChirpStack will update the ThingsBoard device with the following attributes:

  • application_id
  • application_name
  • dev_eui
  • device_name

In case any device tags are configured for the device in ChirpStack, these will also be added to the attributes.


The following metrics are recorded for every uplink:

  • dr
  • fcnt
  • fport
  • rssi
  • snr

Decoded uplink data is prefixed with the data_ prefix. Make sure to configure a coded in the Device Profile.


Device-status is prefixed with the status_ prefix. The interval of the device-status requests can be configured through the Device Profile.


Location data is prefixed with the location_ prefix. Please note that this is only available in case geolocation capable gateways are being used and ChirpStack is configured with geolocation support.