Azure IoT Hub

The Azure IoT Hub authentication thype must be used when connecting with the IoT Hub MQTT interface.


  • As you need to setup the device ID (in this case the device is the gateway) when provisioning the device (LoRa® Gateway) in Cloud IoT Core, this does not allow to connect multiple LoRa Gateways to a single ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance.


Device ID naming

The IoT Hub Device ID must match the Gateway ID (e.g. 0102030405060708). It must be entered in lowercase (the IoT Hub Device ID is case-sensitive).

MQTT topics

When the Azure IoT Hub authentication type has been configured, ChirpStack Gateway Bridge will use MQTT topics which are expected by Azure IoT Hub and will ignore the MQTT topic configuration from the chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml configuration file.

  • devices/[GATEWAY_ID]/messages/events/up: uplink frame
  • devices/[GATEWAY_ID]/messages/events/stats: gateway statistics
  • devices/[GATEWAY_ID]/messages/events/ack: downlink frame acknowledgements (scheduling)
  • devices/[GATEWAY_ID]/messages/devicebound/down: scheduling downlink frame transmission
  • devices/[GATEWAY_ID]/messages/devicebound/config: gateway configuration