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Building from source

The ChirpStack Gateway OS uses Docker and Docker Compose. Make sure you have these tools installed.

Initial setup

Run the following command to set the /build folder permissions:

# on the host
docker-compose run --rm busybox

# within the container
chown 999:999 /build


Run the following command to setup the build environment:

# on the host
docker-compose run --rm yocto bash

# within the container

# update the submodules
make submodules

# initialize the yocto / openembedded build environment
source oe-init-build-env /build/ /chirpstack-gateway-os/bitbake/

# build the chirpstack-gateway-os-base image
bitbake chirpstack-gateway-os-base


By default, Raspberry Pi3 is configured as the target platform. You need to update the following configuration files to configure a different target:

  • /build/config/local.conf
  • /build/config/bblayers.conf