Device-profile templates

Device-profile templates can be created by ChirpStack admin users and can be used by ChirpStack users as templates to create new device profiles. Device-profile templates can be created using the web-interface, API or from the command-line to import from external repositories (read below).

Note: As creating device profiles based on these templates copies the template values, changing or deleting the device-profile templates will not affect the created device profiles.

Import device repository

ChirpStack supports importing the device repository as device-profile templates by executing the following commands from the Linux command-line. Depending the filesystem permissions, you might need sudo to perform these steps.

Cloning the device repository

First you need to clone the device repository. In this case, we will clone the repository to /opt/lorawan-devices:

git clone /opt/lorawan-devices

Note: an older snapshot of the lorawan-devices repository is cloned as the latest revision no longer contains a LICENSE file.

Import into ChirpStack

Once the repository is cloned, you need to import it into ChirpStack. Please note that this command can be executed multiple times. For example, you could periodically pull the latest changes from the lorawan-devices repository and re-run this command to update existing templates / create new templates for devices that have been added to the repository.

chirpstack -c /etc/chirpstack import-legacy-lorawan-devices-repository -d /opt/lorawan-devices