ChirpStack Gateway OS can be configured using the provided web-interface. To access the web-interface, enter http://GATEWAY-IP-ADDRESS/ in your browser. For example if the IP address of your gateway is, then you need to enter

The default credentials are:

  • Username: root
  • Password: (not set)


It is also possible to configure the ChirpStack Gateway OS using a CLI over SSH. Use the following command to SSH into the gateway:


ChirpStack Gateway OS uses the OpenWrt UCI system for handling configuration.

To show the current ChirpStack configurations:

uci show chirpstack-concentratord
uci show chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder
uci show chirpstack-udp-forwarder

# Only for Full images
uci show chirpstack

Please refer to the UCI system guide for information about using the UCI configuration system. After modifying ChirpStack configuration and a uci commit, the updated services will be automatically restarted.