Debian / Ubuntu

ChirpStack Debian / Ubuntu repository

Please see the Downloads page for information on how to activate the Debian / Ubuntu package repository.

Install ChirpStack Gateway Bridge

In order to install ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, execute the following command:

sudo apt install chirpstack-gateway-bridge

This will setup an user and group, create start scripts for systemd or init.d (this depends on your version of Debian / Ubuntu). The configuration file is located at /etc/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml.

Starting ChirpStack Gateway Bridge

sudo systemctl [start|stop|restart|status] chirpstack-gateway-bridge

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge log output

Now you've setup ChirpStack Gateway Bridge and your gateway is configured to forward it's data to it, it is a good time to verify that data is being received. To view the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge logs, execute the following command:

journalctl -u chirpstack-gateway-bridge -f -n 50