Device activation

Over The Air Activation (OTAA)

For OTAA devices, it is possible to configure the root-keys within ChirpStack or use an external join-server. In the latter case, you must configure the join-server(s) in the ChirpStack Configuration file.

If ChirpStack receives an OTAA join-request with a JoinEUI that is configured in the configuration file, it will forward the join-request to this join-server. In the other case ChirpStack will use the root-keys that are configured within ChirpStack, or raise an error if no keys have been configured.

The Join Server API is specified by the LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces

Activation By Personalization (ABP)

ChirpStack also support ABP devices. In this case devices must be activated through the web-interface or API by entering the session-keys. Once activated, ChirpStack will handle these devices the same as OTAA activated devices.