Multitech Conduit

After completing these steps, you will have a Multitech Conduit running both the packet-forwarder and ChirpStack Gateway Bridge. The packet-forwarder will forward the UDP data to localhost:1700 and the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge will forward this data over MQTT to a MQTT broker.


Before you continue, please make confirm you have the latest mPower firmware installed. Please refer to the mLinux software guide for more information on the firmware upgrade process.

It is also asumed that you already have completed the network setup of your gateway and that you have obtained the IP address. In case your gateway has been setup with DHCP, this IP address usually can be obtained by logging into your internet router.

Web-interface log in

The mPower web-interface can be accessed by entering https://IP-ADDRESS/ into your browser. As the web-interface uses a self-signed certificate, your browser will probably raise a warning.

Packet-forwarder setup

  1. In the left menu, click LoRaWAN®
  2. Under LoRa mode, select PACKET FORWARDER
  3. Under LoRa Packet Forwarder Configuration enter / select the following settings:
    • Network Settings
      • Network: Manual
      • Channel Plan: The desired channel-plan
    • Server Settings
      • Server Address:
      • Upstream Port: 1700
      • Downstream Port: 1700
  4. Click Submit, and then Save and Appy in the left menu.

After completing these steps, you should see RUNNING under the Packet Forwarder Status.

Enable SSH

In order to install ChirpStack packages on the gateway, you must first enable SSH.

  1. In the left menu, click Administration and then Access configuration.
  2. Under SSH Settings, make sure this option is Enabled.
  3. In case of changes, click Submit and then Save and Apply in the left menu.

SSH log in

To log in into your gateway, use the following command:


Where USERNAME is the username that you use to gain access to the web-interface of the gateway and IP-ADDRESS with the IP address of the gateway.

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge install

  1. Log in using SSH if you haven't done so yet (see above step).

  2. Download the latest chirpstack-gateway-bridge .ipk package from For example, execute the following command on the gateway:

  3. Now that the .ipk package is stored on the Conduit, you can install it using the opkg package-manager utility. Example (assuming the same .ipk file):

     sudo opkg install chirpstack-gateway-bridge_4.0.10-r1_arm926ejste.ipk
  4. Update the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge configuration. You will find the configuration file in the /var/config/chirpstack-gateway-bridge directory. Most likely, you want to change the following configuration:

    • MQTT connection details (with the hostname of your MQTT broker)
    • MQTT topic templates (with the correct topic prefix)
  5. Restart ChirpStack Gateway Bridge:

     sudo monit restart chirpstack-gateway-bridge