The MQTT backend is the default backend to communicate with the LoRa® gateways. If supported by the MQTT broker, it is recommended to make use of a shared subscription, such that in case of multiple ChirpStack instances, each gateway event message is delivered to only one ChirpStack instance instead of all instances. In case this is not supported, please note that the ChirpStack de-duplication handler will make sure that duplicates are handled correctly.


Gcluster_0LoRa® Gatewaycluster_1Cloud / server / VMchirpstack-gateway-bridge-gwPacket Forwarder +ChirpStack Gateway BridgemqttMQTT brokerchirpstack-gateway-bridge-gw->mqttREGION/gateway/ID/event/EVENTmqtt->chirpstack-gateway-bridge-gwREGION/gateway/ID/command/COMMANDchirpstackChirpStackmqtt->chirpstackREGION/gateway/ID/event/EVENTchirpstack->mqttREGION/gateway/ID/command/COMMAND

Note: In the graph above, the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge is installed on the gateway. It is also possible to install the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge in the cloud.