If configured, the PostgreSQL integration will write device data into an PostgreSQL database.

Creating database

You must create a separate database for using the PostgreSQL integration. To enter the command line utility for PostgreSQL:

sudo -u postgres psql

Inside this prompt, execute the following queries to setup the chirpstack_integration database. It is recommended to use a different username (role) and password.

-- create role for authentication
create role chirpstack_integration with login password 'chirpstack_integration';

-- create database
create database chirpstack_integration with owner chirpstack_integration;

-- exit psql

Activating integration

This integration must be configured in the Configuration file.

Enable integration

In the configuration file:

  enabled = [

Your enabled line may look slightly different. Add "postgresql" to the list. In this case, the modified line should appear as enabled=["mqtt", "postgresql"].


You must also add / update the [integration.postgresql] section with the hostname, username, password and the name of the database. Example:


In the dns= line, modify <username>, <password>, <host>, and <database> with your appropriate credentials and targets. If you followed the example above, you would use chirpstack_integration as your username and target database. If your target Postgres database is on the same machine as ChirpStack, use localhost as your host.