Commands can be sent to Concentratord using a ZeroMQ REQ socket. The first data-frame holds the command type (string), the second data-frame holds the command payload encoded using Protobuf.


Request the Gateway ID (the data-frame is empty). The response is the 8byte Gateway ID.


Request to enqueue the given frame for downlink (DownlinkFrame Protobuf message). A downlink command is responded by a DownlinkTXAck message.


Request to re-configure the channel-configuration (GatewayConfiguration Protobuf message). The response is empty.

The re-configuration happens in-memory only. This means that when Concentratord is restarted, it will revert to the configuration as specified in the configuration file. This allows for restarting Concentratord in case of a re-configuration error (in which case the process will terminate) and reverting back to the original configuration.