Pilot Things integration

Pilot Things is a platform to manage, visualize, automate and integrate your IoT device fleet. After following this guide, ChirpStack will be setup to forward device data to Pilot Things.

Integrate with Pilot Things

Get Auth Token

In order to let ChirpStack push data to your Pilot Things server, you need to obtain a Pilot Things Authentication Token. To obtain an authentication token, send an email to contact@pilot-things.com.

Setup Pilot Things integration

In the ChirpStack web-interface, navigate to the Application you want to add the integration. Find the Pilot Things integration under Integration, then click Add. Fill in the two required fields:

  • Pilot Things server: This is the URL you normally would use to access the Pilot Things user interface. For example, https://kerlink.pilot-things.com/.
  • Authentication token: This is the token you got in the previous step

Validate integration

If you completed all the steps, then Pilot Things is ready to receive uplink data and ChirpStack is configured to forward data for your Device, using th Authorization Token for authentication.

The last step is to let your device send some data and validate that this data is received by Pilot Things. You will find this data under the Activity tab when navigating to the Device within Pilot Things.