Note: This was tested with the following firmware version: 5.5.4.

SSH into the gateway

The first step is to log in into the gateway using ssh:


Please refer to the Kerlink wiki for login instructions.

Packet-forwarder configuration

By default, the Kerlink Common Packet-Forwarder (CPF) is disabled. Please make sure it is enabled. The following command can be used to enable the CPF:

klk_apps_config --activate-cpf

You must configure the packet-forwarder on the gateway to forward its data to at port 1700. The file /etc/lorafwd.toml must contain the following lines under the [ gwmp ] section:

node = ""
service.uplink = 1700
service.downlink = 1700

After updating this configuration file, make sure to restart the lorafwd service:

monit restart lorafwd

Option 2 - ChirpStack Concentratord

ChirpStack Concentratord supports some Kerlink gateways. Please refer to the ChirpStack Concentratord installation instructions for installing the ChirpStack Concentratord on Kerlink gateways.

Install ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder

Download IPK

Use the following commands to download the latest version of the chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder package:

cd /user/.updates

Install IPK

Run the following command to install the IPK package:

kerosd -u


To connect the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder to your MQTT broker, you must update the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder configuration file. This file is located at: /etc/chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder/chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder.toml.

(Re)start and stop commands

Use the following commands to (re)start and stop the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder service:

# Status
sudo monit summary

# start
monit start chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder

# stop
monit stop chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder

# restart
monit restart chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder

Log output

To view the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder log output, use the following command:

tail -f -n 100 /var/log/messages |grep chirpstack-mqtt-forwarder