Channel (re)configuration

ChirpStack supports the (re)configuration of the channels used by the device for uplink transmissions. This feature can be used to configure additional uplink channels (e.g. for the EU ISM band), or to enable only a sub-set of the uplink channels specified by the LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters.

Additional channels

For certain regions, ChirpStack supports configuring additional channels Please consult the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters to find out for which regions this applies.

If extra channels are configured, ChirpStack will configure the first 5 channels by using the OTAA join-accept CFList field. Additional channels will be configured using the NewChannelReq mac-command. This mac-command will also be used to push new or updated channel configuration to already activated devices and to (re)configure the min/max data-rate range for these extra channels.

Enable sub-band

ChirpStack will by default assume that all available uplink channels specified by the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters are active after an over-the-air activation. As certain regions have more uplink channels than supported by most gateways, it is possible to configure ChirpStack so that it will only enable a sub-set of the available uplink-channels. Using the LinkADRReq mac-command it will then update the channelmask of the device.

Note: after changing this setting, ChirpStack will push these changes at the first opportunity to the already activated devices.