LoRaWAN frames

The frames stream exposes the raw LoRaWAN® payloads. This stream can be used for monitoring purposes. Note: this stream should never be used for building application-integrations. For this you should always use the Events stream.

Redis keys

This stream is published under the following Redis keys:

  • Frames received / sent by the gateways:
    • gw:[GATEWAY_ID]:stream:frame (per Gateway ID stream)
    • gw:stream:frame (global stream)
  • Authenticated frames:
    • device:[DEV_EUI]:stream:frame (per DevEUI stream)
    • device:stream:frame (global stream)


This stream exposes the UplinkFrame and DownlinkFrame messages.

Example code

Example code can be found in the examples directory of the https://github.com/chirpstack/chirpstack repository.