• Add packaging for RAK ramips_24kec based gateways.
  • Update internal dependencies.


  • Fix setting empty username and password in MQTT. (#257)




DevAddr and JoinEUI filters

This adds a [backend.filters] configuration section under which it is possible to configure the prefix-filters for DevAddr (data uplink) and JoinEUIs (join-requests).

Time fallback

This adds a time_fallback_enabled configuration option to the semtech_udp section. If enabled and no RX time is provided by the packet-forwarder, then the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder server-time will be used as fallback.

Build improvements

The provided pre-compiled binaries are fully static and based on musl libc. This removes the need to compile against a very old verion of glibc to stay compatible with old gateway firmwares.

Other improvements

  • Update dependencies.


  • Fix bootstript for Dragino .ipk package.


This marks the initial release of the ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder.

The ChirpStack MQTT Forwarder is a re-implementation of the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge for gateway installations only. The aim of this component is to provide a more lightweight solution, that also can be installed on gateways with a limited amount of memory (for example Dragino OpenWRT based gateways).