ChirpStack Concentratord is an open-source LoRa(WAN) concentrator daemon built on top of the Semtech hardware abstraction layers. It exposes a ZeroMQ based API that can be used by one or multiple applications to interact with gateway hardware. By implementing and abstracting the the hardware specifics in a separate daemon and exposing this over a ZeroMQ based API, packet forwarding applications can be completely decoupled from the gateway hardware. It also makes it possible to let multiple applications interact simultaneously with the gateway hardware. For example multiple packet forwarders could forward data to different LoRaWAN network servers.

HAL support

ChirpStack Concentratord provides an unified ZeroMQ API for the following Semtech HALs:

Architecture example

Gcluster_0LoRa® Gatewaychirpstack-concentratordChirpStack ConcentratordconcentratorSX1301 / SX1302 / 2G4chirpstack-concentratord->concentratorSemtech HALchirpstack-mqtt-forwarderChirpStack MQTT Forwarderchirpstack-mqtt-forwarder->chirpstack-concentratordZeroMQchirpstack-udp-forwarderChirpStack UDP Forwarderchirpstack-udp-forwarder->chirpstack-concentratordZeroMQmonitoringThird-party monitoring appmonitoring->chirpstack-concentratordZeroMQ