If configured, the IFTTT integration will forward device measurements to the IFTTT Webhooks. For this ChirpStack uses the event trigger with 3 JSON values format. The first value contains the device DevEUI, the other two values can be freely assigned.



Before you can setup the IFTTT integration, you must obtain the key to authenticate with the IFTTT API. Please refer to the Webhooks documentation. On top of the documentation page, you will find Your key is: ....


You must configure a payload codec in the device-profile in order to use the IFTTT integration. See also Device profiles.


  • Key: Please use the key obtained in the previous step.
  • Value 1 & 2 keys: This must map to the measurement keys in the decoded payload. Please note that ChirpStack will automatically detect these when an uplink is received, and will store these under Measurements in the device-profile.

IFTTT usage example

The following example demonstrates how the selected two values can be sent to an e-mail address on uplink.

  • Click the Create button within the IFTTT web-interface
  • Click the Add button next to If This
  • Search for Webhooks
  • Select Receive a web request
  • As Event Name enter up
  • Click the Create trigger button
  • Click the Add button next to Then That
  • Search for Email
  • Select Send me an email
  • Edit the Subject and Body as desired, note that you can use the Add ingredient button to select the available values
  • Click the Create action button

If everything is configured correctly, you should receive an email on every uplink event.