ChirpStack Gateway OS uses Monit for monitoring the ChirpStack components. It will periodically check if the configured services are still running and if not, re-try to start them. It also allows for monitoring the usage of resources (e.g. memory, cpu) and restart services after a configured threshold. Please refer to the Monit manual for more information.

Command examples

To list the status of all monitored services, you need to run:

sudo monit status

To stop, start or restart a service, you need to run:

# start
sudo monit start SERVICE

# stop
sudo monit stop SERVICE

# restart
sudo monit restart SERVICE

Important to know

Monit uses the /etc/init.d/SERVICE scripts to start these services. This means you can also (for example) stop a service using /etc/init.d/SERVICE stop, however Monit will then detect this as a failed service and will automatically restart it.