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The ChirpStack components are configured by configuration files, which are by default loaded from (in this order):

  • NAME.toml (current working directory)
  • ~/.config/NAME/NAME.toml
  • /etc/NAME/NAME.toml

NAME must be replaced by the executable name (e.g. chirpstack-network-server, chirpstack-application-server, chirpstack-gateway-bridge).

To load a configuration file from an alternative location, use the --config or -c flag.

To print a (new) configuration file, use the configfile sub-command. This can not only be used to generate a new configuration file containing all the default, but can also be used to update an existing configuration file to include the latest defaults (maintaining the already set variables) Example:

# generate new configuration file
chirpstack-network-server configfile > chirpstack-network-server.toml

# migrate configuration file
chirpstack-network-server configfile -c chirpstack-network-server-old.toml > chirpstack-network-server.toml

Configuration reference