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Quickstart Docker Compose

Docker Compose (part of Docker) makes it possible to orchestrate the configuration of multiple Docker containers at once using a docker-compose.yml file.


Install Docker

Please refer to the Get Started with Docker guide to install Docker for MacOS or Windows. When installing Docker on Linux, please refer to one of the following guides:

Install Compose

To install Docker Compose on Linux, please refer to the Install Compose on Linux systems guide. You can skip this step for MacOS and Windows.

ChirpStack stack


ChirpStack provides an example docker-compose.yml file that you can use as a starting-point. This example can be found at and also contains more documentation.

To clone this repository, you need to execute the following commands:

git clone
cd chirpstack-docker


After you have updated the configuration, you can run the following command to start all Docker containers:

docker-compose up

Please note that the first time you execute this command, there might be some errors logged as the database needs to be initialized.

Add Network Server

As each container has its own hostname, you must use the hostname of the networkserver container when adding the network-server in the ChirpStack Application Server web-interface.

When using the above example, it means that you must enter chirpstack-network-server:8000 as the network-server hostname:IP. See Network Servers for more information.