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Join Server

ChirpStack Network Server supports the activation of devices through an external Join Server, using the API as specified in the LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces specification. In this case the session-keys will not be derived by the ChirpStack Application Server and it doesn't need to know the AppKey (and NwkKey in case of a LoRaWAN 1.1 device).

Routing a join-request to a Join Server is based on the JoinEUI which is part of the LoRaWAN join-request. If ChirpStack Network Server finds a server matching the JoinEUI, then it will forward the join-request to this server. In any other case, the ChirpStack Application Server will handle the join-request.


Semtech LoRa Cloud Join Server

To configure the Semtech LoRa Cloud Join Server with ChirpStack obtain the TLS certificates that you must use from the LoRa Cloud web-interface.

  • Under Your network servers click Add Server
  • Then click download credentials

Within the obtained credentials archive you will find three files that you need to configure within the ChirpStack Network Server configuration:

  • .trust: must be configured as ca_cert
  • .crt: must be configured as tls_cert
  • .key: must be configured as tls_key

Note: While the web-interface indicates that is the LoRa Cloud Join Server, this is not the endpoint that must be configured as server within the ChirpStack Network Server configuration. The correct endpoint is You have to replace rens-XYZ with the actual Rens ID, you will find this value in the LoRa Cloud web-interface.

Example configuration: