ChirpStack Network Server supports geolocation by using an external geolocation-server service. You can either use ChirpStack Geolocation Server or implement your own (matching the expected API).


For using geolocation, you need to use gateways that are capable of providing a “fine-timestamp”. Some of these gateways encrypt this fine-timestamp.

Decrypt fine-timestamp

When configuring the per gateway and board specific decryption key, ChirpStack Network Server will decrypt the fine-timestamp, before forwarding it to the geolocation-server. For getting this fine-timestamp decryption key, please contact your gateway vendor or Semtech.

Multi-frame geolocation

ChirpStack Network Server support multi-frame geolocation to increase the geolocation accuracy. In the Device Profile it is possible to configure the:

  • TTL of each item in the geolocation buffer
  • Minimum buffer size before using geolocation


When the TTL is set to 5 minutes (300 seconds) and the minimum buffer size is set to 3, then geolocation will only be used when there are at least 3 frames in the geolocation buffer that are received within the last 5 minutes.

Device location

When ChirpStack Network Server (using the Geolocation Server) is able to resolve the location of the device, it will forward this to the application-server.