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AMQP / RabbitMQ

The AMQP / RabbitMQ backend uses RabbitMQ together with the RabbitMQ MQTT plugin for communication with the LoRa® gateways.

The RabbitMQ MQTT plugin is used to connect the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instances using MQTT. The RabbitMQ MQTT plugin will publish received events to the amq.topic exchange using the routing key gateway.ID.event.EVENT. This plugin will also create a queue per connection with a binding to gateway.ID.command.#.

The ChirpStack Network Server will, in case one doesn't exist yet, create a gateway-events queue with a binding to the gateway.*.event.* routing-key and will consume received events from this queue.

Downlink gateway commands are published by the ChirpStack Network Server to the amq.topic exchange to the gateway.ID.command.COMMAND topic. As the RabbitMQ automatically creates a binding to gateway.ID.command.#, these commands are routed to the gateway with the corresponding ID.

Note: the above routing-keys are assuming default configuration parameters.