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Outdated documentation

You are reading outdated documentation. This page documents ChirpStack v3. ChirpStack v4 is the latest version.



When using geolocation, you need a LoRa® gateway which provides geolocation capabilities. These gateways provide accurate timestamps, which is a requirement when doing geolocation based on time-difference of arrival.

Tested gateways

The following gateways have been tested:

Decryption key

Gateways implementing the Semtech v2 reference design will encrypt the fine-timestamp. Before being able to use this timestamp for geolocation, you must therefore request a decryption key. Contact your gateway vendor or Semtech for more information.

One you have this decryption key, you must set this in the gateway configuration so that ChirpStack Network Server is able to decrypt the timestamp before sending it to ChirpStack Geolocation Server. Please refer to ChirpStack Application Server Gateway Management for more information.