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Image types


The chirpstack-gateway-os-base image provides all the features and components to operate a LoRa gateway.

ChirpStack Concentratord

The ChirpStack Concentratord is an open-source concentrator daemon which is responsible for the configuration and communication with the SX1301 / SX1302 based chipset.

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge

The ChirpStack Gateway Bridge is a service which converts LoRa® Packet Forwarder protocols into a JSON or Protobuf over MQTT. It connects to the Concentratord using ZeroMQ.


The chirpstack-gateway-os-full provides all the features of the chirpstack-gateway-os-base image, but also comes with ChirpStack Network Server and ChirpStack Application Server installed, including all requirements. This makes it possible to run the complete LoRaWAN® infrastructure on the gateway. This is intended for small deployments or getting started with LoRaWAN.

ChirpStack Network Server

ChirpStack Network Server is an open-source LoRaWAN Network Server implementation.

ChirpStack Application Server

ChirpStack Application Server is an open-source LoRaWAN Application Server and web-interface for managing the gateway, applications and devices.