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Raspberry Pi

Image types

There are two file types:

  • .wic.gz - Image to use for an initial installation
  • .swu - Software update file, see Software update

SD card flashing

Using Balena Etcher

Using Win32DiskImager

  • Download the SD card image for your Raspberry Pi (ending with .wic.gz).
  • Extract the .wic.gz image using for example 7-Zip.
  • Within the Win32DiskImager interface, select the extracted .wic file. Please note that you must select the *.* filter in the Select a disk image popup before you can select the .wic file.
  • Flash the SD card.
  • Continue with Using the ChirpStack Gateway OS images.

Supported shields

The Raspberry Pi images provide out-of-the-box support for the following concentrator shields / gateway kits: