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Raspberry Pi


There are two file types:

  • .wic.gz - Image to use for an initial installation
  • .swu - Software update file, see Software update

For an initial installation:

  • Download the SD Card image for your Raspberry Pi version using one of the links below.
  • Flash the SD Card image using for example Etcher on a SD Card.
    • Note: there is no need to extract the .wic.gz file first. With the latest version of Etcher, you can also use the url to the .wic.gz image, in which case you can skip the download step as Etcher will download the image for you.
  • Continue with Using the ChirpStack Gateway OS images.

SD Card images

Supported shields

The Raspberry Pi images provide out-of-the-box support for the following concentrator shields / gateway kits: