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Hardware support

ChirpStack Concentratord currently supports SX1301/8, SX1302 / SX1303 based gateways and the SX1280 based 2.4 GHz reference-design gateway. In order to make configuration as easy as possible, it comes with the calibration values for many different gateway models embedded (based on calibration values provided by the vendors). Model specific features can be turned on and off using flags.


The chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301 binary implements the SX1301 HAL.

Vendor Gateway / Shield Model flags Model
IMST iC880A EU868 imst_ic880a_eu868
IMST iC880A IN865 imst_ic880a_in865
IMST iC880A RU864 imst_ic880a_ru864
Kerlink iFemtoCell kerlink_ifemtocell_eu868
Multitech Multitech Conduit AP EU868 multitech_mtcap_lora_868_eu868
Multitech Multitech Conduit AP US915 multitech_mtcap_lora_915_us915
Multitech Multitech Conduit MTAC-LORA-H-868 AP1, AP2, GNSS multitech_mtac_lora_h_868_eu868
Multitech Multitech Conduit MTAC-LORA-H-915 AP1, AP2, GNSS multitech_mtac_lora_h_915_us915
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT AS923 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_as923
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT AU915 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_au915
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT EU868 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_eu868
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT IN865 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_in865
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT KR920 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_kr920
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT RU864 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_ru864
Pi Supply LoRa Gateway HAT US915 GNSS pi_supply_lora_gateway_hat_us915
RAK RAK2245 AS923 GNSS rak_2245_as923
RAK RAK2245 AU915 GNSS rak_2245_au915
RAK RAK2245 CN470 GNSS rak_2245_cn470
RAK RAK2245 EU433 GNSS rak_2245_eu433
RAK RAK2245 EU868 GNSS rak_2245_eu868
RAK RAK2245 IN865 GNSS rak_2245_in865
RAK RAK2245 KR920 GNSS rak_2245_kr920
RAK RAK2245 RU864 GNSS rak_2245_ru864
RAK RAK2245 US915 GNSS rak_2245_us915
RAK RAK2246 AS923 GNSS rak_2246_as923
RAK RAK2246 AU915 GNSS rak_2246_au915
RAK RAK2246 CN470 GNSS rak_2246_cn470
RAK RAK2246 EU433 GNSS rak_2246_eu433
RAK RAK2246 EU868 GNSS rak_2246_eu868
RAK RAK2246 IN865 GNSS rak_2246_in865
RAK RAK2246 KR920 GNSS rak_2246_kr920
RAK RAK2246 RU864 GNSS rak_2246_ru864
RAK RAK2246 US915 GNSS rak_2246_us915
RAK RAK2247 AS923 GNSS rak_2247_as923
RAK RAK2247 AU915 GNSS rak_2247_au915
RAK RAK2247 CN433 GNSS rak_2247_cn433
RAK RAK2247 EU433 GNSS rak_2247_eu433
RAK RAK2247 EU868 GNSS rak_2247_eu868
RAK RAK2247 IN865 GNSS rak_2247_in865
RAK RAK2247 KR920 GNSS rak_2247_kr920
RAK RAK2247 RU864 GNSS rak_2247_ru864
RAK RAK2247 US915 GNSS rak_2247_us915
RisingHF RHF0M301 EU868 risinghf_rhf0m301_eu868
RisingHF RHF0M301 US915 risinghf_rhf0m301_us915
Sandbox LoRaGo Port EU868 sandbox_lorago_port_eu868
Sandbox LoRaGo Port US915 sandbox_lorago_port_us915
Wifx LORIX One EU868 wifx_lorix_one_eu868


The chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302 binary implements the SX1302 HAL.

Vendor Gateway / Shield Model flags Model
RAK RAK2287 AS923 GNSS, USB rak_2287_as923
RAK RAK2287 AU915 GNSS, USB rak_2287_au915
RAK RAK2287 CN470 GNSS, USB rak_2287_cn470
RAK RAK2287 EU433 GNSS, USB rak_2287_eu433
RAK RAK2287 EU868 GNSS, USB rak_2287_eu868
RAK RAK2287 IN865 GNSS, USB rak_2287_in865
RAK RAK2287 KR920 GNSS, USB rak_2287_kr920
RAK RAK2287 RU864 GNSS, USB rak_2287_ru864
RAK RAK2287 US915 GNSS, USB rak_2287_us915
RAK RAK5146 AS923 GNSS, USB rak_5146_as923
RAK RAK5146 AU915 GNSS, USB rak_5146_au915
RAK RAK5146 CN470 GNSS, USB rak_5146_cn470
RAK RAK5146 EU433 GNSS, USB rak_5146_eu433
RAK RAK5146 EU868 GNSS, USB rak_5146_eu868
RAK RAK5146 IN865 GNSS, USB rak_5146_in865
RAK RAK5146 KR920 GNSS, USB rak_5146_kr920
RAK RAK5146 RU864 GNSS, USB rak_5146_ru864
RAK RAK5146 US915 GNSS, USB rak_5146_us915
Semtech CoreCell EU868 semtech_sx1302c868gw1_eu868
Semtech CoreCell US915 semtech_sx1302c915gw1_us915

2G4 (SX1280)

The chirpstack-concentratord-2g4 binary implements the 2g4 HAL.

Vendor Gateway / Shield Model flags Model
Semtech SX1280ZXXXXGW1 semtech_sx1280z3dsfgw1