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The repository containing the source-code for ChirpStack Concentratord is located at

Building from source

The easiest way to (cross)compile ChirpStack Concentratord for various targets is using the provided Docker Compose environment. Before executing one of the following commands, make sure that Docker Compose is installed.

# Compile ARMv5 binary
make build-armv5-release

# Compile ARMv7hf binary
make build-armv7hf-release

# Create .ipk for Kerlink iFemtoCell
make package-kerlink-ifemtocell

# Create .ipk for Multitech Conduit
make package-multitech-conduit

# Create .ipk for Multitech Conduit AP
make package-multitech-conduit-ap
  • Binaries are located under target/{ARCHITECTURE}/release
  • .ipk packages are located under dist/{VENDOR}/{MODEL}

Compile optimizations

The provided ...-release commands are using the default Rust release mode profile. Several options can be set to minimize the size of the final binary (usually at the cost of features or compile time). See for more information.