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An organization is able to manage its own set of gateways. Please note that this feature might be unavailable when the organization is configured without gateway support.

That a gateway belongs to a given organization does not mean that the usage of a gateway is limited to the organization. Every node in the whole network will be able to communicate using the gateway. The organization will be responsible however for managing the gateway details (e.g. name, location) and will be able to see its statistics.


Gateway statistics are based on the aggregated values sent by the gateway / packet-forwarder. In case no statistics are visible, it could mean that the gateway is incorrectly configured.

Gateway board configuration

For gateways implementing the v2 reference design which support geolocation capabilities, it is possible to configure one or multiple boards. This allows you to configure the FPGA ID and fine-timestamp AES decryption key per board.

When the fine-timestamp AES decryption key is configured, ChirpStack Network Server will automatically decrypt the fine-timestamp once it receives an uplink frame from this gateway.