Using ChirpStack Application Server


Manage applications, integrations and payload decoders.

Device Profiles

Manage Device Profiles, containing the device capabilities and boot parameters.


Manage devices, root-keys and ABP session-keys.

Event logging

Show live device events for debugging device behavior.

Firmware updates

Starting firmware update over the air (FUOTA) jobs.

Frame logging

Show live LoRaWAN frames for debugging device and gateway behavior.


Manage gateways, show gateway statistics and configure the fine-timestamp decryption keys.


Login into the ChirpStack Application Server web-interface.

Multicast Groups

Manage multicast-groups for sending downlink frames to a group of devices (the multicast-group).

Network Servers

Manage the connected Network Servers (ChirpStack Network Server instances), supporting multiple regions.


Manage Organizations, Service Profiles assigned to Organizations and Organization Users.

Service Profiles

Manage Service Profile, defining the features that organizations are allowed to use on a connected network-server.


Manage users, make them global administrators and configure credentials.