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GCP Pub/Sub

The Google Cloud Platform Pub/Sub integration publishes all the events to a configurable GCP Pub/Sub topic. Using the GCP console (or APIs) you are able to create one or multiple Pub/Sub subscriptions, for integrating this with your application(s) or store the data in one of the storage options provided by the Google Cloud Platform.


The GCP Pub/Sub integration exposes all events as documented by Event types.


The following attributes are added to each Pub/Sub message:

  • event: the event type
  • devEUI: the device EUI to which the event relates

Example code

The following code example demonstrates how to consume integration events using a GCP Pub/Sub Subscription.


package main

import (



type handler struct {
    json         bool
    client       *pubsub.Client
    subscription *pubsub.Subscription

func (h *handler) receive() error {
    for {
        if err := h.subscription.Receive(context.TODO(), h.receiveFunc); err != nil {
            return err

func (h *handler) receiveFunc(ctx context.Context, msg *pubsub.Message) {

    event, ok := msg.Attributes["event"]
    if !ok {
        log.Printf("event attribute is missing")

    var err error

    switch event {
    case "up":
        err = h.up(msg.Data)
    case "join":
        err = h.join(msg.Data)
        log.Printf("handler for event %s is not implemented", event)

    if err != nil {
        log.Printf("handling event '%s' returned error: %s", event, err)

func (h *handler) up(b []byte) error {
    var up integration.UplinkEvent
    if err := h.unmarshal(b, &up); err != nil {
        return err
    log.Printf("Uplink received from %s with payload: %s", hex.EncodeToString(up.DevEui), hex.EncodeToString(up.Data))
    return nil

func (h *handler) join(b []byte) error {
    var join integration.JoinEvent
    if err := h.unmarshal(b, &join); err != nil {
        return err
    log.Printf("Device %s joined with DevAddr %s", hex.EncodeToString(join.DevEui), hex.EncodeToString(join.DevAddr))
    return nil

func (h *handler) unmarshal(b []byte, v proto.Message) error {
    if h.json {
        unmarshaler := &jsonpb.Unmarshaler{
            AllowUnknownFields: true, // we don't want to fail on unknown fields
        return unmarshaler.Unmarshal(bytes.NewReader(b), v)
    return proto.Unmarshal(b, v)

func newHandler(json bool, projectID, subscriptionName, credentialsFile string) (*handler, error) {
    var opts []option.ClientOption

    if credentialsFile != "" {
        opts = append(opts, option.WithCredentialsFile(credentialsFile))

    client, err := pubsub.NewClient(context.TODO(), projectID, opts...)
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    subscription := client.Subscription(subscriptionName)
    exists, err := subscription.Exists(context.TODO())
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err
    if !exists {
        return nil, errors.New("subscription does not exist")

    return &handler{
        json:         json,
        subscription: subscription,
        client:       client,
    }, nil

func main() {
    h, err := newHandler(
        false,               // set to true when using JSON encoding
        "project-id",        // replace with GCP project ID
        "subscription-name", // replace with GCP Pub/Sub Subscription name
        "",                  // path to GCP credentials file
    if err != nil {

    if err := h.receive(); err != nil {
module example

go 1.14

require ( v1.6.0 v3.12.5 v1.4.2 v0.29.0


Please refer to the Setting up authentication section for creating a service-account and setting up the credentials.

from chirpstack_api.as_pb import integration
from import pubsub_v1
from google.protobuf.json_format import Parse

class Handler:
    def __init__(self, json, project_id, subscription_name):
        self.json = json
        self.project_id = project_id
        self.subscription_name = subscription_name

    def receive(self):
        subscriber = pubsub_v1.SubscriberClient()
        sub_path = subscriber.subscription_path(self.project_id, self.subscription_name)

        while True:
            resp = subscriber.pull(sub_path, max_messages=10)
            for msg in resp.received_messages:
                event = msg.message.attributes['event']
                subscriber.acknowledge(sub_path, [msg.ack_id])

                if event == 'up':
                elif event == 'join':
                    print('handler for event %s is not implemented' % event)

    def up(self, body):
        up = self.unmarshal(body, integration.UplinkEvent())
        print('Uplink received from: %s with payload: %s' % (up.dev_eui.hex(),

    def join(self, body):
        join = self.unmarshal(body, integration.JoinEvent())
        print('Device: %s joined with DevAddr: %s' % (join.dev_eui.hex(), join.dev_addr.hex()))

    def unmarshal(self, body, pl):
        if self.json:
            return Parse(body, pl)

        return pl

h = Handler(
    # True -  JSON marshaler
    # False - Protobuf marshaler (binary)

    # GCP Project ID

    # GCP Pub/Sub Subsciption name