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MQTT broker

ChirpStack Application Server makes use of MQTT for publishing and receiving application payloads. Mosquitto is a popular open-source MQTT server, but any MQTT broker implementing MQTT 3.1.1 should work. In case you install Mosquitto, make sure you install a recent version.


Debian / Ubuntu

In order to install Mosquitto, execute the following command:

sudo apt install mosquitto

Other platforms

Please refer to the Mosquitto download page for information about how to setup Mosquitto for your platform.

PostgreSQL database

ChirpStack Application Server persists the gateway data into a PostgreSQL database. Note that PostgreSQL 9.5+ is required.

pq_trgm and hstore extension

You also need to enable the pg_trgm (trigram) and hstore extensions. Example to enable this extension (assuming your ChirpStack Application Server database is named chirpstack_as):

Start the PostgreSQL prompt as the postgres user:

sudo -u postgres psql

Within the PostgreSQL prompt, enter the following queries:

-- change to the ChirpStack Application Server database
\c chirpstack_as

-- enable the extensions
create extension pg_trgm;
create extension hstore;

-- exit the prompt


Debian / Ubuntu

To install the latest PostgreSQL:

sudo apt-get install postgresql

Other platforms

Please refer to the PostgreSQL download page for information how to setup PostgreSQL on your platform.

Redis database

ChirpStack Application Server stores all non-persistent data into a Redis datastore. Note that at least Redis 5.0.0 is required.


Debian / Ubuntu

To Install Redis:

sudo apt-get install redis-server

Other platforms

Please refer to the Redis documentation for information about how to setup Redis for your platform.